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best restaurant in Riyadh

Savor the Flavor with Richox: Hanging out at the Best Restaurant in Riyadh

You could take a peaceful walk in the lively streets of Riyadh, a beautiful country – its capital city. On top of that, the restaurant’s niche has the feature introduced by the first French restaurant to open up in London which happened in 1797. 

Eating is not the only thing that people can get from this place. It is also a nice place where they can just relax after a stressful day. Richox is one of the best restaurants in Riyadh. There is absolutely no doubt that your tongue will express the most considerable gratitude since it will make you enjoy the most tongue-pampering delicacies you can ever dream of.

Why Richoux is the Best Restaurant in Riyadh:

Richoux is the No.1 restaurant in Riyadh Saudia Arabia which is the source of its fame through offering a well-blended mixture of impeccable service, a Arabic traditional atmosphere, and a variety of tasty food of world-class. Here’s why Richoux stands out as the best: 

  • Exceptional Culinary Creations: Our menu features the creative fusion of international flavours and innovative twists on the classics; the dishes are made by chefs who are always looking forward to showcasing their talent and doing something new. Whether it is appetizers to which every sense of your body reacts, or desserts that are a match choice for a king, each dish is a work of perfection and finesse on our menu.


  • Impeccable Service: The art of making guests welcome begins long before their first bite, ending when their last sip has been savoured. This and more is our hospitality promise more than just service. Our dedicated staff members are fully devoted to ensuring that the guest is well taken care of from the moment of their arrival until the moment they part. They will greet you warmly and create a homey atmosphere where you will feel genuinely cared for.


  • Stylish and Inviting Ambiance: Enter Richoux and you will be taken by the stylish ambience and the playful atmosphere of the place. The artful presentation of our dining settings ensures that whether it is a two-person or a group of friends/family, it suits any purpose.


  • Commitment to Quality: We begin with choosing the best ingredients which will be further processed by the methods that we apply in our kitchen. Every step of the way our goal is to never compromise on quality. It is our ongoing initiative to go beyond the customer’s expectations every time he chooses our brand to satisfy his lookout for a pleasant dining experience.


  • Community Hub: Besides comprising simply a restaurant, Richoux plays the main role in the life of the community of Riyadh—a place where people hold celebrations, build new ties, and leave enduring memories.

Alongside serving food, Richoux is more than a restaurant; it is an encounter – a gastronomic pathway that smoothens the senses and feeds the soul. Why wait any longer? Be the one who will indulge in the best restaurant in Riyadh, Richoux, and experience a dining experience that will take your breath away.

Breakfast Bliss

Start your day right with our delectable morning offerings.

There are a few reasons why Richoux has become famous as Riyadh’s best breakfast and one such reason is that we are devoted to the finest ingredients we ensure each dish is innovative and done the old-fashioned way it was supposed to be or even better. 

With a wide range of food offerings to please everybody’s palate from strict to carnivorous to dairy-free or gluten-free, there’s sure to be something that will delight everyone. Amtel’s skilled staff and beautiful design lend the perfect ambience for you to start the day in high spirits. Whether it’s a social event kicking off your day or a moment of seclusion, the quaint atmosphere of Richoux will bring satisfaction to you.

Veggie Omelette-Best Restaurant in Riyadh

Appetizing Beginnings

Dive into a world of flavour with our tantalizing appetizers.

Introducing the culinary gem of Richoux Riyadh: Our renowned fast starters. Allow yourself to begin a culinary journey where you will be fully taken care of by wonderful blends of flavours, created especially for you and your taste. 

Be it sweet or salty, they can act as an appetizer; thereby gratifyingly fulfilling the appetites of the diners before their meal. Come along and let us together explore the core of culinary artistry where every plate carries the tale of the best devotedness, creativity, and unique senses. Richoux travel program introduces you to our world starting from the first bite.

Dynamite Shrimp-Best Restaurant in Riyadh

Sandwich Sensations

Savour every bite with our exquisite sandwich creations

Richoux has the part of the heart in which we consider the sandwich to be more than a regular meal. We make sure it is well and carefully prepared with some version of art. The flavour and texture of our sandwiches affirm the taken philosophy; we promise our visitors an experience that could even knock the socks off hardened foodies.

Walk through the gateway of Sanguis multiplex and get ready to board an adventure of flavorful exploration. The selection ranges from concerted pairings to eccentric innovations. In every fresh creation, the imagination is given prominence to a complete dining divergence.

Italian Chicken Panini-Best Restaurant in Riyadh

Lunch and Dinner Delights:

 Indulge in a culinary journey through our flavorful lunch and dinner options.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the cosy atmosphere of Richoux, as you embark on its gourmet expedition to our numerous dishes inspired by various cuisines. There is no limit to what tempting appetizers or lavish main dishes are, for each of them is a feast of flavour, creativity, and the best ingredients.

Indulge in a delectable foresense of palatal delusions with our appetizers, where every morsel is a scrumptious new journey. From exceptional soups and salads to decadent appetizers, our appetizer mirrors the outstanding stand that precedes an incredible dining experience.

Wagyu Filet-Mignon-Best Restaurant in Riyadh.

Patisserie Pleasures

Treat yourself to irresistible sweet delights from our patisserie.

At Richoux, we invite you to escape to a world full of sweet treats, where you’ll find a selection of out-of-this-world pastry treats in our patisserie. Welcome to the universe of indulgence and temptation where every dish is a combination of delicious emotions, texture, and artistic shorts.

Shutter your senses with our delicious range of hand-made desserts, pastries, cakes, and baked goods, executed with precision and expertise by our chefs who make use of the freshest ingredients and classic ways of making them. 

Our patisserie ranges from subtle and colourful macaroons to cheesecakes that are very milky and topped with fresh fruits, which will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lotus Pancake-Best Restaurant in Riyadh.

Afternoon Tea Elegance at the best restaurant in Riyadh:

 Experience the charm of tradition with our delightful afternoon tea selection.

we have the honour to invite you into the atmosphere of ultimate grace and refinement through our lovely range of afternoon tea. 

Let yourself be dazzled by a landscape of the most exquisite kind as you revel in this ancient custom and undertake to infuse it with your particular personality.

Choose serving platters with intricate patterns and place elegant Chinese porcelain plates on top to echo our afternoon tea. We serve a variety of scrumptious sweet and savoury delights, each one crafted with utmost care for both your senses and taste buds. Whether it is a crustless finger sandwich filled with gourmet filling or better yet a real soft and buttery scone with clotted cream and preserves, every individual bite is a piece of heaven on earth!

However, the food is not the only reason why we love our afternoon tea, it’s the experience that is the most important thing. Come and feel at home in our outstanding spaces. Brew some fragrant teas and enjoy this timeless tradition to the fullest. 

If you are with your friends, celebrating an occasion of your special, or just trying to take a moment of yours to pleasure in peace, we are promising you a trip to a world of tranquillity and serenity.

Traditional Afternoon Tea - Best Restaurant in Riyadh

Richoux- The Best Dining place in Riyadh

Exceptional Service

Richoux is all about making your day: you will be welcomed by the homely warmth of the staff. Our serving crew aims to do its best to make you engrossed in your meal as a result of courtesy, kindliness, and attentiveness.

Accommodating Every Need

At Richoux, we extend warm hospitality and take pride in serving you our best from the very beginning. Our crew is very committed to meeting your needs, providing food without any cross-contamination whether you have special requests or dietary restrictions.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Whether our guests are black, brown, or other, our welcoming environment promises that they feel at home. Whether you want to work the stress off at the end of the day or bond with the people you love, at Richoux you can enjoy every event you cannot miss.

Why Settle for Less?

Don’t compromise even when there is nothing more to offer. Richoux Restaurant is your choice of dining destination in Riyadh! Do it and find yourself enjoying the revolution of the dining experience in the city. Check our indescribable dishes to our unequalled welcome. we’ll make your entire experience memorable.


In the end, Richoux is not primarily a restaurant; it is the best restaurant in Riyadh that you spot on the visitors’ map. Where you all rush to your destination forgetting even such important things as enjoyment and comfort of life and all of a sudden you are amazed and immersed in a different world tasting and pampering five of your senses.

In such case, whenever you feel like having a delectable meal in Riyadh, go to the Richoux restaurant and enjoy what will be a savoury experience.


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