Richoux: Where Every Bite is a Culinary Masterpiece.

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Savor excellence with Richa sandwiches

Savor Excellence In the “Richoux” restaurant, the menu boasts a diverse selection of delicious and innovative sandwiches, complemented by a variety of side dishes. These sandwiches serve as a tasting station, bringing together unique flavors and distinctive compositions.

Start your morning with a unique experience:

Begin your day with the Italian Chicken Panini, which perfectly balances flavorful chicken and fresh ingredients. Alternatively, choose the Chicken Shawarma for a tasty blend of chicken and grilled vegetables.

Indulge in meaty delights, Richoux style:

For meat enthusiasts, the Grilled Beef Sandwich is a delectable choice with expertly grilled meat pieces and refined spices. Meanwhile, the” Richoux” Club sandwich presents a unique experience combining meat, vegetables, and sauces.

Savor excellence with our choices:

Enjoy a light meal with the Melted Cheese Lover or opt for a luxurious experience with the Wagyu Beef Slider containing high-quality Wagyu beef. The Tuna Sandwich comes with a rich flavor and luxurious ingredients.

Culinary creativity at its best:

Delight in creativity with the Omelette Wrap, where whipped eggs and fresh ingredients come together in a unique sandwich. The Richoux Club Salmon offers a distinctive experience with fresh salmon and refreshing vegetables.

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