Richoux: Where Every Bite is a Culinary Masterpiece.

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Welcome to Richoux Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Our History

The renowned English restaurant brand, Richoux, boasts a rich history that traces its origins back to 1909 when two French emigres founded it as a patisserie and confectioner in London. The inaugural Edwardian shop graced Baker Street and, following the tumultuous interruption of World War II, it re-emerged as the Richoux Tea Room near Portman Square.

In the early 1970s, a change in ownership heralded the beginning of a new chapter, with fresh outlets springing up. As time unfurled, Richoux evolved into the esteemed group of restaurants it is today, serving as a beloved destination for Londoners, tourists, and numerous prominent figures.

Richoux location in Riyadh

Now, Richoux extends its warm hospitality and delectable offerings to the heart of Riyadh. Step into any Richoux Restaurant location in Riyadh and experience the same friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can order your favorites at your leisure, whether it’s a traditional English breakfast, a sumptuous three-course meal, a classic afternoon tea, or a delightful snack. Richoux in Riyadh welcomes you to savor the same exceptional dining experience that has delighted patrons for over a century.

مطعم ريشو الرياض المملكة العربية السعودية
مطعم ريشو الرياض المملكة العربية السعودية

Exquisite Dining, Exemplary Service: Richoux KSA, Where Every Meal Is an Experience

Richoux: Where Every Bite is a Culinary Masterpiece..
Fresh Ingredients

Richoux: Elevating Taste with Fresh Ingredients. Experience excellence in every bite.

healthy meals

Savor the Taste of Health with Richoux's Nutrient-Rich Meals. Our menu offers a delicious journey to well-being.

Mediterranean Taste

Richoux: A Taste of the Mediterranean on Your Plate. Experience the vibrant flavors today.

Eating Well

Eating Well is Our Passion at Richoux. Enjoy a delicious journey to good health.

Tasty and Crunchy


Reserve your table at Richoux Restaurant in Riyadh for an unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy the convenience of a guaranteed spot and savor our culinary delights. Your reservation awaits, book now!

Morning Elegance: Breakfast Dishes at Richoux

Start your day with a touch of elegance by indulging in our Breakfast Dishes at Richoux. Our menu features a delightful array of morning classics and inventive creations to suit all tastes. From fluffy omelets and hearty pancakes to healthy granola bowls, our breakfast offerings are thoughtfully prepared to kickstart your day with a delightful culinary experience. Join us for a memorable breakfast that combines quality and flavor in a charming setting.

برجر البيض

Indulge in exquisite Appetizers at Richoux

Discover a tempting array of appetizers at Richoux, each thoughtfully crafted to tantalize your taste buds. From creamy soups and crispy bruschettas to savory stuffed mushrooms, our appetizers are the perfect prelude to a memorable dining experience.

انغمس في المقبلات الرائعة في مطعم ريشو

Savory Sandwiches with Your Choice of Sides

Enjoy our mouthwatering sandwiches at Richoux, served with your choice of crispy French fries or a fresh mixed salad. It’s a perfect combination of flavors and textures to satisfy your cravings.

سندويتشات لذيذة مع اختيارك من الأطباق الجانبية

Lunch and Dinner Main Course Delights

Indulge in culinary excellence at Richoux with our Lunch and Dinner Main Course Delights. From succulent steaks to delectable vegetarian options, our dishes are prepared to perfection for a memorable dining experience.

أطباق الغداء والعشاء الرئيسية الشهية

Decadent Delights from Our Patisserie

Discover Sweet Perfection at Richoux Patisserie. Delight in our exquisite pastries, cakes, and macarons, expertly crafted to satisfy your sweet cravings.

مأكولات لذيذة من متجرنا للمعجنات


Experience the timeless charm of Traditional Afternoon Tea at Richoux. Our classic tea service offers a delightful selection of finely brewed teas and an array of delectable sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a tempting assortment of pastries and cakes. Set in an elegant and inviting atmosphere, our Traditional Afternoon Tea is the perfect way to unwind and savor moments of indulgence.

شاي بعد الظهر التقليدي
Nour BahabriNour Bahabri
08:54 05 Nov 23
Anas IKAnas IK
06:11 05 Nov 23
Nice & delicious dishes but prices are high, classic french toast is amazing 👍🏻
bado ssbado ss
18:34 04 Nov 23
Wonderful place and delicious food
13:27 04 Nov 23
04:43 13 Oct 23
Friday Early BreakfastPositives:Location (easy to get there).Design and decorations.Vulnerable accessibility.Comfortable dining tables.Tasty different kinds of coffee.Tasty tea ☕️.Delicious 🍣 Salmon and Avocado Benedict.Delicious different kinds of cakes 🧁.Delicious Italian shakshoka 🍳 .Quietness.Cleanness.Helpful and friendly staff.Areas of Improvement:Limited car parking.Very expensive.
Zannat NeeraZannat Neera
03:27 25 Sep 23
It was my sister's birthday. We enjoyed a lot. Stuffs are very friendly. Very elegant restaurant & delicious foods. Perfect for celebrating any occasions. Also they allowed cake from outside. if cake coming from outside, there’s a corcage 100sr. I think it's perfect for their ambience & hospitality. Even they've balloons also. Overall it was a great experience ♥️♥️
21:23 03 Sep 23
The service is great, very helpful kind staff.The atmosphere is nice.The food is just fine ..however, I’ve only tried the eggs and simitt (turkish) it wasn’t that good
Inshasi Amna (Samar)Inshasi Amna (Samar)
12:16 02 Aug 23
Everything was excellent,we enjoyed the food the hospitality of all the staff especially Vanessa I like her smile and she is agood representative for the restaurant and menu choices
Leena AliLeena Ali
04:58 23 Apr 23
One of the best breakfast spots in town, this visit wasn’t my first actually, great service, spacious place, welcoming staff, the one star left was for not serving Kabda😝We had:Shakshouka 9/10Turkish cilbir 10/10Club sandwich 9/10 ( a bit dry)Orange juice 10/10. (Taste Fresh)I would highly recommend paying them a visit