Richoux: Where Every Bite is a Culinary Masterpiece.

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A Cultural Journey through Saudi Cuisine

The upscale English restaurant chain, Richoux, stands as one of the premier culinary destinations in Riyadh, offering a unique cultural experience through a diverse range of delicious foods. With a history dating back to 1909 in London, Richoux continues to serve its tasty and diverse dishes, making it one of the most exquisite restaurants in the Saudi capital.

Origin and Evolution:

Originating as a pastry and sweets shop in London in 1909 by French immigrants, Richoux transformed into a tea cafe after a hiatus during World War II. In the seventies, changes in ownership led to its expansion and the emergence of new outlets. Over time, it evolved into a sophisticated restaurant group that became a beloved destination in London.

Continuation in Riyadh: 

Richoux continues to extend its warm hospitality and delightful cuisine in the heart of Riyadh. Visitors can enjoy a rich experience from elegant breakfasts to delicious dinners, with a diverse selection of foods to suit all tastes.

Breakfast Experience:

Richoux offers a unique experience in breakfast meals, allowing visitors to savor delectable omelets, tempting pancakes, and healthy granola dishes. These meals stand out for their diversity and quality, making the start of the day unforgettable.

Main Course Delights:  

Richoux invites its guests to enjoy an exceptional dining experience with main dishes, whether it’s the flavorful meat slices or the tempting vegetarian options. These dishes showcase culinary excellence and meticulous preparation, creating a unique experience for food enthusiasts.

Cultural Fusion in Riyadh:

Providing a distinctive cultural experience through the flavors of Saudi cuisine, Richoux makes itself one of the finest restaurants in Riyadh. Visit any branch of Richoux and relish the dining experience in a charming atmosphere where tradition meets modernity with refined style.


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